Looking Up


Okay then.

Did I mention I would be the underdog here in the finals? Because that’s definitely turned out to be true.

How true?


More than a little, yeah.

Actually, this isn’t as bad as it could be. Like in the first week of my semifinal matchup, I was far, far behind all throughout the games, only to catch a late wave from my final player that helped to close the gap, even if only somewhat.

At the end of the Saturday games (which was most of them, last weekend, given the Christmas holiday), I was trailing my opponent (I will not type his name – I will not call him by a title he hasn’t yet earned) 105-71. And worse than that, he had three players left to go, including his quarterback, while I had only one. Yes, that one was Ezekiel Elliott, but was Zeke going to close a 34 point gap plus the production of a quarterback and two other guys?

No. Of course not. I never expected that.

But he did produce, 21 points in only about three quarters worth of work. (That’s where the trouble is, both for last week and this week. But more on that when we look at the next week’s matchup.) And my opponent’s quarterback, Matt Stafford, did not. Neither did his defense, who had never gone into negative scoring all year until last week. He could easily have finished at about 135, but he didn’t. That helps me.

Does it help me enough? No, probably not. I don’t want to sugarcoat this. We are in a deep, deep hole. 29 points is not nothing. And the likelihood of him coming back around with another astronomical score is good. Even if I manage to beat him this week, I have to beat him by 30 to take the crown, and that’s asking an awful lot.

But it’s not impossible.

We’re not out of it quite yet. Not quite. Not yet.

This is the moment for an epic comeback, the kind of thrilling victory that we’ll all tell stories about for years to come.

At least it could be.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Looking Up

  1. All I can say is, “Wow!” You’ve come a long way and done amazingly well. I have every confidence that you’ll have a great week. We’ll be thinking positive thoughts, and rooting for you to go all the way!😊


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