The Very Definition of Narrow

24 yards and a fumble.

That’s Crowder’s stat line from the Monday night game.

24 yards and a fumble means a total of 0 points.



I needed 1 point from him. Barely anything. And he came up with less than that.

I knew this wasn’t over yet.

So I finish in a tie with There’s always next year. Which, you know, is great for my stress level. Could this be a little closer maybe? No, literally, it could not. You can’t get closer than the exact same score.

So how did we wind up in this situation?

W15 Results Shot.png

Mostly because of TANY’s underperformance, honestly. My team didn’t exactly light the world on fire, but TANY’s laid an egg. All those star performers and not one stepped up big for him when he needed them.

I had a huge step up from Ezekiel Elliott though. Last week it was Brady, this week it was Elliott. I stayed close because of huge performances from those two studs. And steady contributions from Gore and Edelman in both weeks, and smart choices on streaming defenses, and a huge 51 yard kick this week from Kai Forbath. My team didn’t go off like they’re capable of, but they did what they needed to do.

TANY’s, on the other hand, did not. Last week he had Le’Veon Bell go off, and this week Bell had a solid game, but pretty much everyone else on his roster let him down. From Antonio Brown, to the Vikings defense, to – and this is my favorite bit – Mike Evans. Remember when he traded for Mike Evans, and the rumor went that there was collusion there? He gave up his integrity to get the #1 wide receiver, and in the three weeks he’s had him he’s gone for 14 points total.

Cheaters never prosper, guys.

These have been rough weeks in general, and the scores across my league have not tended to be high. That’s what kept this close, more than any skill I can deliver.

Can you say beginner’s luck?

So what happens now?

We go to a tiebreaker. And I’m honestly not sure what the tiebreaker is. Is it total Points For on the season? Regular season record? Higher playoff seed?

Fortunately I own all of those.

Yes, we’re on to the finals.

Barely, but we’re on to the finals.

Now we’re going to face another incredible test. KING OF TRADES has changed his team name to YOU WANT IT!!!? COME GET IT. I don’t know why he’s baiting me, but… yeah, I want it. I’m gonna get it. I’m coming for it.

I didn’t think I had much of a chance to get out of the first round. And I’ll be an underdog here too. But I can do it. Clearly, I can do it.

Holy crap, y’all, we’re in the FINALS!


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