Where We Are

If you had told me before this playoff matchup started that Le’Veon Bell was going to earn a total of 59 points in two weeks for my opponent, I would have known that there was no way the matchup would be close.

Or if you’d told me that Tom Brady would put up a score in single digits one week.

Or that Melvin Gordon would contribute a total of 0 points.

Or that the highest single performance on my team would come from a guy on my bench.

Well, guess what. All that is true. Bell added 12 points to the 47 he earned last week. Brady only had 7 this week for me. Gordon was injured early on in Week Fourteen and gave me 0 for that week and was out of my lineup for this one. And the best score anyone on Team BlueAndGold had in these two weeks was Ty Montgomery this past weekend, who blew up for 28 points and made me feel both proud for picking him up and disappointed that I left him on the bench.

All that is true. And yet?

And yet?

It’s close.

It’s not quite over, because there’s still one more player about to kick off in the Monday night game.

But it’s close.

How close?




And the player that has yet to go?

Is Jamison Crowder.

Who is on my team.

If he scores 1 point – just one! – I go over and win the matchup.


We did it.

I mean, it’s not quite over. Crowder could fumble on his first play and lose me 2 points, and then break his ankle on his second play and be out. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. But you can hear her warming up in the wings, and the song she’s preparing is a glorious ode to Team BlueAndGold.



More analysis when this game is over, when Crowder puts his numbers up and we can look at the team as a whole. For now, watch this game with me with bated breath, waiting for Crowder to get the ten yards or – for extra insurance – a touchdown that would put me over the top.

I’m crossing every finger and toe, holding my breath, waiting on the edge of my seat.

I’ll report back when it happens.

If it happens.

(It’s happening, guys! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!)


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