You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me, Lucille

Le’Veon Bell was suspended for the first three weeks of the season this year, for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Watching the scores this week, all I could think is, what exactly is he on and can he give it to some of my players?


47 points. How is that humanly possible? How can one man do that? One of the teams in my league had 40 points this past weekend. 40 points for his whole team. Bell beat that by himself.

I mean, what the hell, man?

How is anyone supposed to compete with that?

For most of the weekend, it looked like I wouldn’t be able to. It looked like I was done after Bell’s performance. Stick a fork in me. It’s over.

Oh, and then there was the part where Melvin Gordon was injured. How could I forget that? Melvin Gordon, taken out of the game with a hip injury. Melvin Gordon, contributing 0 points and possibly out for future weeks as well.

I had some overperformances that helped on Sunday. Kai Forbath was a behemoth, throwing down 16 points. The Bengals defense beat up on the Browns, adding in 10 points. Frank Gore did his thing, finding the end zone and providing Team BlueAndGold with 13 points.

But aside from those guys, everything else on Sunday looked pretty damn bleak. 4 points from Cameron Brate, 3 from Jamison Crowder, 10 from Ezekiel Elliott. I mean, it’s hard to complain about the performance of a man who rushes for 100 yards, but 10 points is the worst score Elliott’s put up all year. This was the week I needed him at his best, even before the Gordon injury. And this was the week he faded.

Here’s the thing though. With the exception of Le’Veon Bell, everyone else on There’s always next year’s team was underwhelming. Antonio Brown’s 7 points, Mike Evans’ 4, Jimmy Graham’s 1… Even Andrew Luck, who came in right on target to his 16 point projection, could be seen as a letdown. In my head I had him down to beat projections. I’m sure TANY did too. So when you factor in his underperformers, it’s not like the door was slammed shut on me, Bell or no Bell.

It was hard to think of it that way after Sunday, though, when I had 56 points and two players remaining to TANY’s 102. Even when one of the two I had left was Tom Brady.

Well… About that.


Don’t ever let me doubt Brady, okay? That man is a superhuman beast and I should just count myself lucky that I get to watch him dominate. Everyone else on my team, pretty much, left when I needed them most. Brady answered the call. That’s my man.

So here’s where it all shook out and where we stand at the halfway point of this matchup:


I haven’t caught up to TANY. But I have another week to get there. And I kept it closer than I probably had any right to think I could, when one of his players goes off the way Bell did.

I’ll be the underdog this week, but it’s not so unreasonable to think that I could get it done.

If I play my cards right. I’ll have to shuffle them up pretty good, given Gordon’s injury and Green’s possible return and my WR matchups and… Let’s just say my lineup next week could look very different.

But we’ll get to that. For now, let’s just enjoy the fact that our man Brady is keeping our hopes alive.

Hang on tight folks, it could be a bit of a ride from here to the end.

I’m ready. Are you?


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