Week Fourteen Preview

Well, this is awesome.


This is a position we haven’t been in in a while. Actually, I haven’t been favored to lose since Week Two. (Remember, I lost Week Three even though I was favored to win. Ever since, I’ve been favored to win and I’ve done it.)

Eleven weeks of favorable matchups. Ten weeks of dominance. And it comes down to this.



Here’s the thing though. I love my team. I’m sticking with Brady (for this week, at least), and I’m still stoked on my running backs, and I believe that my wide receivers can overperform, and I’m thrilled with my streaming defense, and…

This could be a good week for me. This could be a week where I go over.

The problem is that my opponent is also quite good. (He ought to be – he’s done enough sneaky trading. But I’m not bitter. Can you tell?) He’s got studs up and down his lineup, and many of them are facing favorable matchups. Dammit.

Still, I’ve done what I can do. I chose Cameron Brate as my tight end this week, because it’s hard to believe that New Orleans’s defense will do anything at all to stop Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, this also means that their #1 wide receiver, Mike Evans, should also be stellar. But again, I can’t control what TANY does. All I can do is put myself in position to be there if he stumbles.

As for my wide receivers… I’m sticking with Julian Edelman and Jamison Crowder for this week. I did pick up a new receiver this week. Welcome to Team BlueAndGold, Rishard Matthews! He’s dynamic, and he’s been incredible this year. He’s going to be an asset through the end of the year. But for now, his Tennessee Titans are facing Denver this weekend, and it’s hard to bet on him. So I’ll hold him for the future and keep on riding the ponies that have been carrying me for this week. It should be good – both of them should have productive games, if not breakout performances.

Damn, I miss A.J. Green.

As for what I need to root for, well, it would help if Buffalo could stop Pittsburg, so… hold your breath for that.

The other saving grace I have here is that this week’s not my only shot to beat TANY. This week’s score combines with next week’s to determine the first round playoff outcome.

TANY will still be favored next week too, but let’s try to keep it rosy here.

If I overperform, if my studs step up for me, then I can keep it close to TANY and make next week competitive.

So let’s do it, guys. I’m counting on you here.


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