What I’m Thankful For

This is a bit of a weird week for football. It’s Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving equals football. So where there’s usually just one evening Thursday game, today there are three games running all day. And they are good teams, too: Vikings/Lions, Redskins/Cowboys, and Steelers/Colts.

I have players in all three of those games. So by the end of day, I’ll have five of my nine players already completed.

Kind of late to be posting a preview of the week, isn’t it?

Well, not to worry. Cuz I’m going to do that even later. We’ll wait for all of today’s action to be completed, and then I’ll give you a rundown of how it all went down for me and what I expect on Sunday at that time. For the moment, it suffices to say that I’m rematching with Mr. GooDfoRyoU this week, who is currently at 2-9 and who I’m favored to beat by 16 points. I beat him narrowly in Week Six, but I’m fairly confident that the margin of victory will be higher this week.

But we’ll look into all of that in a day or two. For now, I’d like to honor the spirit of the season and take a moment to express my gratitude for the people and things that have helped me have such a successful and fun fantasy season.

So, here’s What I’m Thankful For:

Tom Brady

You’d be thankful too if you had the best quarterback in football on your fantasy team. The four week suspension was a time of trial for Team BlueAndGold, but since he’s been back he’s led my team to become a dominating force. You have to love Tom Brady. (Okay, plenty of people hate Tom Brady, but they’re just people who don’t get to enjoy his performance on their fantasy teams every week. It’s okay, guys. I’d be jealous too.)

Kirk Cousins

Remember him? The quarterback I streamed in Week Four, the last week of Brady’s suspension? He anchored Team BlueAndGold to its first win, and his swaggery reputation lent me the confidence I needed to turn my team and my season around. We haven’t lost since. Thanks for the swag, Kirk. Turns out, I do like that very much.

Young Breakout Running Backs

Ezekiel Elliott, rookie running back, was always going to have a huge year – there’s a reason he was recommended as a first round fantasy draft pick – but no one knew how much – there’s a reason he was still available to me at the end of the first round when I picked him up. Melvin Gordon, second year running back, had a rough rookie season where he underperformed his fantasy hype and scored zero touchdowns. This year he has 9 so far. He’s turned into a beast. And between him and Elliott, I have the best and most solid running back corps in my league. Quite frankly, I have the best running back corps I could imagine anyone having anywhere, adding (the much older) Frank Gore to that group. I love these guys. I depend on them every week, and they never let me down. I’m thankful for that.

Guys Who Wear #18

A.J. Green, I miss you already. Get well soon. Randall Cobb, you’ve been a solid contributor when I’ve needed you. Stay loose, you’ll get another call up soon, I’m sure. And Kyle Busch… well, you know I love you, man. Congrats on another awesome NASCAR season. (That one’s not football, sorry. Well actually, I’m not sorry. Tough.)

Former Bruins

I love having Paul Perkins on my team. I think I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s still true. I love watching his development, and I’m happy to feel connected to that in whatever little way. Plus, this week I added another former Bruin to my team. That’s right, Kai Forbath got a kicker job at long last! He’s kicking for the Minnesota Vikings and Team BlueAndGold, and I’m beyond stoked to have him. I’ve missed you, Kai!


My coworker, the commissioner of my league, and the man who started all this. Blame him. (I’m rooting for you to make the playoffs, man – it would be fun to beat you there!)

Matthew Berry and Field Yates

The two fantasy experts I have leaned on the most as I learn this fantasy football thing. They’re the two who get the weight in my rankings each week, and they haven’t steered me wrong. I’ve shouted out Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate column before – I read it every week and get great information there – and I’ve also relied on Field Yates’s Tuesday column each week recommending waiver wire pickups. They’re awesome. I’m thankful for their guidance, even from afar. Thanks guys!

The Fans

That’s all of you reading this now. Team BlueAndGold has fans! And I’m so happy to have you all on this journey with me. We’ve had fun, haven’t we? And we’re going to have a lot more in this last month or so of the season and our playoff run.

Thank you all! Team BlueAndGold couldn’t do it without your support!


3 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful For

  1. We’re thankful to have your fun blog to get a couple of times a week. Keep rolling to the championship, don’t get cocky (or at least any cockier), and keep writing a blog even after football season is over!


    1. Cocky – ha! I know full well that all my success can be traced back to luck with the draft and luck with injuries. All my actual decisions have been terrible. But I make beginner’s luck look good!


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