Week Ten Preview

As soon as the season began – actually before the season began, before the draft even – one member of the league was already talking trash. He felt entitled to: he was this league’s 2015 champion, and he didn’t hesitate to remind everyone about it.

And he hasn’t stopped with the trash talk. Week in and week out this guy has something to say.

Here’s my favorite example:


If you say so, man?

This was after Week Four, when he was 1-3. And right now he checks in at 3-6. Which, of course, makes his claim to be the league’s resident football expert totally believable.

His greatest hits of football expertise includes my absolute favorite trade from the league this year. No, not the David Johnson trade that caused such a scandal. No, he’s the one who chickened out on Odell Beckham Jr. after two rough weeks. He sold low on his first round draft pick, trading him away for Chicago running back Jordan Howard. Now, Howard was a trendy name for waiver wire pickups for awhile, when Jeremy Langford went out injured and Howard got promoted from backup to starter. He had a couple of great weeks. Then he had a couple of not-so-great weeks. Then our man cut him – the rumor, after all, was that Langford was coming back in Week Eight.

Langford did come back, but in Week Eight he put up 1 point to Jordan Howard’s 25.

Someone else got Howard off of waivers during Chicago’s bye last week, and I do not blame him.

And, in case you’re curious, OBJ – who at this point our man has given away for nothing – rebounded nicely and is averaging 11.5 points per game on the year.

So who is this self-professed football genius?

His name is Batman Foo. And he’s my Week Ten opponent.

And I probably will not shock you when I tell you that I am favored to beat him.


Fairly handily.


Now sure, he’s got some interesting pieces on his team. Tim Hightower has had a recent run of excellent games. Of course, he has to play against Denver’s defense this week, so who knows if that lasts, but Hightower, like Howard before him, is a trendy add in the last week or two. Devonta Freeman has been tremendous so far this year, although his backfield mate Tevin Coleman is coming back from injury this week, so who knows how that affects Freeman’s numbers. The Chiefs are a defense I’ve wished I could play several times this season. Not against Carolina, necessarily, but they’ll probably be strong – they have been so far this year.

Still, the fact that almost all the check marks line up on my side of the ledger isn’t an accident.

Here’s an even more interesting comparison. This chart shows my weekly performance versus Batman Foo’s. Against some competitors, this chart shows lines that dance back and forth, or at least hover close to one another.

Not so much here.


One more thing to note is that Mr. Foo has had a player already in action this week. Corey Coleman – who I do think has potential, he’s a rookie who just came off of injury but he’s dynamic and could do damage – went out Thursday night and put up 1 fantasy point on his 6 point projection. Coleman was last week’s sexy new add, and Batman Foo didn’t hesitate to add him, but he hasn’t panned out so far. I mean, come on, he plays for Cleveland, how tremendous can he be if the offense as a whole can’t do anything? And he was not a smart play on a short week against Baltimore. Maybe Coleman will perform down the line, but this was not the week to think he was going to break out.

Batman Foo is the example of what happens when you listen to the experts and don’t pay any attention to your own lineup. Coleman was touted as a pickup with long-term potential. Foo picked him up and couldn’t wait to play him. Now he’s going to be disappointed in him, and probably cut him, and maybe I’ll try to get him to hold onto and see if he does develop.

But the point is, the experts can only take you so far. Some of this, you have to decide for yourself.

For example, on my own roster, Julian Edelman is ranked higher than John Brown by the experts. He’s WR29 to Brown’s WR40 on my own rankings. Jamison Crowder is WR27 even. But Crowder faces Minnesota’s defense, and Edelman faces Seattle’s. Both of them could do well – I hope they do – but John Brown faces San Francisco, and they couldn’t stop a rainshower with an umbrella. He has the higher chance of breaking out, so I’m putting my money behind him. Then there’s Brate vs. Rudolph. Rudolph is projected higher – 6 points to Brate’s 5 – but based on their past few weeks’ performances, and based on the matchups they face, I want Brate going for me. I think in the final tally, he’ll do better than Rudolph, and I’m betting on him.

I can afford to do this too because of how far I am projected ahead of Batman Foo. Trusting my own analysis over the experts’ might be seen as a risk, but if there was ever a week that I could afford a risk, it’s this one. Like I said, there are some interesting players on his team, but I don’t see anybody over there who frightens me, while he should be looking at my team and feeling terrified.

Some weeks, the rankings show me as dominant but I still feel nervous. Not so this week. Batman Foo doesn’t scare me.

Although given the lesson of this week, that All Things, Even The Ones You Think Couldn’t Possibly Happen, Are Possible, maybe he should?



There are 13 weeks in the fantasy regular season, so a seventh win guarantees me a winning record on the season. This is the first week I can achieve that mark, and I think I’m gonna get it.

And if I don’t, it’ll mean that Batman Foo, 2015 Champion, has done something that has truly impressed me.

For once.


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