Trick? Or Treat?

So Halloween is drawing to a close, but allow me to extend the theme out one more day. Because someone in my house got a bath on Halloween and came home in a spiffy festive bow, and I can’t help but share this adorable face.

Halloween O.png

Isn’t he a cutie?

Okay, thanks for indulging me. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to reviewing Week Eight and whether I was tricked or treated by the fantasy gods.

I had some underperformers this week, for sure. Kyle Rudolph was held to 3 points – I expected 6 from him, and for the third straight outing he went under projections. I waxed poetic earlier this week about how much I loved him, and I still want to love him, but the love is starting to be colored with doubt. I’ll have to check the matchups for next week between him and Cameron Brate, but let’s just say that Rudolph has played his way out of an automatic start.

The Titans defense, as I think I mentioned before, underperformed mightily. A matchup that I picked for its strength came in for only 3 points.

Mason Crosby underperformed – not his fault, he made every kick he was asked to make, but Green Bay’s decimated offense left him with fewer opportunities than I’d have liked.

Other than that… Well, other than that, my studs were the studs that they are.


Even Julian Edelman did what I needed him to do – and he scored his first touchdown of the year! Can you imagine if he’d been on my bench this week as I’d originally planned and scored his first touchdown of the year?

(Although – he was outperformed, still, by a benched WR, Jamison Crowder, who had a 16 point day. I didn’t need those 7 points to assure my victory, as it turned out, but I’d have felt pretty foolish if I had.)

So the win streak stretches to five. 5-3. We’re firmly in the win column now, and more firmly in the playoffs (I hope – I’ll be tied for 3rd I believe, and I just have to hope that I still hold the tiebreaker, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow). Five more weeks to keep up this momentum, and then it’s playoff time!

For now, I get to celebrate with BB-O, the cutest pup-droid on this side of the galaxy.


Hope your Halloween has treated you as well!


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