Week Eight Preview


This was supposed to be another great week for me. I’m playing a team I know I can beat, I’m confident in my players, I’m heavily favored (by as many as 14 points at one point).

Then, the Thursday night game happened. And my chosen defense way underperformed, 3 points on a 9 point projection. But it’s still okay, I was still projected way out in the lead, and all my position players are studs so I’ll be fine.

Then I got this message late last night.


Okay. Great.

I finally had Randall Cobb as my #2 wide receiver, because at last he’s been performing up to what I need. And I had Julian Edelman out of my lineup, so I didn’t have to keep worrying about his subpar performance.

Now Cobb is out and I have to fill in with somebody, and the only one facing a defense that makes me trust him is Edelman. Not that I trust him all that much, but…

So here are the lines as of late last night and my final roster change.


And here’s the matchup with Team Broncosgirl.


I’m still favored, but take out the six points I’m already under projections and it’s pretty close. I really need my stars to go off to make me comfortable here.

Oh, and about that? The early London game is underway right now, so my WR A.J. Green and her TE Jordan Reed are already in action. Guess which one of them has scored a TD and is over his projected score?

Jordan Reed 12 points, A.J. Green 7 points, as of the start of the 4th quarter.

This could be a long day, is all I’m saying.


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