Karma Update

I know you were skeptical when I reported on the status of my Week Five matchup with Smile$ Julio. I know you thought to yourself, “But Megan, 20 points from one player seems highly unlikely, if not impossible. Why are you still worried about the outcome of this matchup?” I know that even seeing the evidence in my own lineup that one player could go off for that high a score (remember, Ezekiel Elliott had 28 for me) didn’t really convince you. I know you had Week Five marked down as won even before the Monday night game started.




Okay, you were right to be skeptical. Mike Evans did score high, earning 14 points, but was well short of what he would have needed to push Smile$ Julio over the top. So I finish Week Five with a comfortable 6-point margin of victory.

2-3 baby, 2-3! The comeback is on!

Also, in case you’re curious: Coleman held his lead on DK too, and wins by a final score of 100-88. He’s changed his team name again, to DK’s Sweet Tears, and the smack talk is flying thick and fast on the league’s message board.   I’ve got my popcorn out and I’m enjoying the show.

Now it’s on to Week Six and a chance to get Team BlueAndGold back to .500!


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