The Squeaker, Part Two

Gary Barnidge.

Gary Barnidge.

Gary Freaking Barnidge.

I was scared of him leading into the weekend. And I still contend I was right to be scared. We can play Monday morning (Monday evening?) quarterback and study the results, but from the perspective of going into the start of the weekend, not knowing the outcome, Gary Barnidge is a risky play at best. On his third string quarterback in three weeks, and that QB is a late-draft rookie. I’ve seen Cody Kessler play before, folks, and I’ve never been impressed. Why would I bet on his abilities to turn my season around? Plus, Barnidge hasn’t been involved in the Browns offense up to now. I have no real indication that that’s going to change in Week Three. He’d given me 0 and 3 points. It’s only natural I’d start looking elsewhere until the Browns offense got more stable, or showed anything to suggest they’d ever be worth anyone’s time.

So I streamed a different guy, Jacob Tamme, as my TE for the weekend. Tamme had a favorable matchup against a New Orleans defense that, honestly, might not be able to stop my high school’s team at this point. He had a good role in a pass-heavy Falcons offense. His QB Matt Ryan has been throwing it like a boss, and spreading the love around to all of his receivers. Tamme was in a position to reliably produce. It only made sense to start him.

Barnidge went for 8 points this weekend. And when it happened on Sunday, I was happy about it, even though he was on my bench, because it seemed to me that just seeing him be productive was a win. If he’s involved in the offense, he’s a top-five TE, so seeing his season turn around would be huge for me. And I wasn’t worried about missing out on those points, because of course Tamme was going to produce for me. Maybe not the 13 he had in Week Two, but 8 to match Barnidge? No sweat.

Then leading into tonight, where all my hopes rested on Tamme. I was nervous of course – it was the possibility of my first win coming down to the wire – but I didn’t doubt Tamme. He was going to do it. He was capable. I was in the best position to succeed.




I streamed the right QB – so at least I got one call right. Tannehill gave me my first productive QB position, and having that kept me in the game.

My running backs are otherworldly. It helped that their matchups this weekend were uniformly favorable, but somehow I have ended up with three RBs who are the first options on their respective teams. That gives them high floors, and me some stability, which I badly need.

The Patriots are killing it with quarterbacks who are basically walk-ons. What are they going to do when they get a Hall of Famer back under center? I smell future domination for Team BlueAndGold when Tom Brady comes back to the NFL.

I’m trending in the right direction, with both my highest point total so far (82) and my closest point spread (3). If I keep this up, eventually I’ll get over the hump.

I can’t lie though: I’m discouraged tonight. Victory was right within my grasp, and then all of the sudden, it slid away.


And now, I guess, we start making plans for the comeback.


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