Are You Ready For Some Football??!!?

It’s kickoff time! Welcome back, football!

(Because I think we can agree – last week’s college football didn’t really happen, right? This is the first weekend of football? I mean, clearly no one told UCLA that a football game was happening until about the fourth quarter of their game, so… Apart from the Alabama-USC game – which was glorious and was most definitely real – none of the rest of it counted, right? We’re starting this weekend? Right?)


Staying on topic though – it’s NFL kickoff day! The first game of the season is tonight! And although all of my action for my fantasy team is on Sunday, I’ll still be watching this game (while I’m at work – hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do).

I hope you’re enjoying this game in whatever way you prefer. And I hope that, as you do, you take a moment to root for Denver, as your girl the Fantasy First-Timer has to face off against one of Carolina’s wide receivers this week.

So, Go Broncos! And I hope everyone out there in fantasy-land is enjoying this kickoff weekend!


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