The Origin Story

So a few days ago I was invited to join my very first fantasy football league.

I’m still not entirely sure why I agreed to the invitation.  Not because I don’t enjoy football – I do, very much so.  As it happens, I’m what you would call a football fan.  As in fanatic.  I’m a nut.  I just can’t get enough.

In fact, I’m a pretty huge sports fan in general.  You name it, I’ll watch it.  Basketball?  Of course!  Hockey?  You betcha!  Baseball?  Well sure, if I’m either a) at the ballpark or b) watching the bottom of the 9th while waiting for SportsCenter to finally come on.  (Baseball’s boring.  So sue me.  Granted, I’m a NASCAR fan, so I should probably keep my mouth shut – glass houses and all that.)  I’ve spent the last two weeks watching every moment of Olympic coverage I can, no matter the sport.  I DVR Around the Horn and His and Hers.  So I think I qualify as what you might call a bit sports-obsessed.

And of course, for me as for all true Americans, football is king.  It’s just that my football of choice is played on Saturdays, not Sundays.  I’m an LA girl, and I’m very team-loyal, so I haven’t had a team to root for in twenty years (until now – welcome back, Rams!).  My heart belongs to the UCLA Bruins.  And while I’ve followed the careers of some blue-and-gold boys in the big leagues, and while I certainly watch and enjoy NFL football, it’s just not the same without that passionate rooting interest.  I am throwing myself into Rams fandom now, and I cannot wait for that, but this will be the first year that I have anything more than a passing interest in the NFL.

So if I like and understand football, and I’m familiar with the players, and I can put aside blind loyalty when it comes to my roster (or at least put most of it aside and justify the rest with stats), then I’d be a natural fit as a fantasy football player, right?

Well, the truth is that I’m scared of fantasy football a little bit. I’ve always understood that a fantasy football player has to become deeply invested in minutiae, know stats I haven’t even heard of yet, and root for plays and players rather than teams. I like enjoying games as a whole, I don’t necessarily like the idea of breaking them apart for fantasy points. I’ve also always been afraid of finding myself in the situation where I’m suddenly rooting for Pete Carroll to succeed because my opponent that week has the 49ers defense or something. I hate that man – I want to always be able to hate him. (Bruin fan, remember?) And it’s intimidating to have to learn how points are scored in fantasy, what drafting strategy to implement, what players are valuable, what players are values, how to set up a roster, when to make a trade, how not to get taken advantage of when making a trade… I’m competitive, and if I play fantasy football, I want to do it right. So I’ve been reluctant to make the plunge.

But when my coworker invited me to join his league, I found myself saying yes. And then immediately found myself wondering what I had gotten myself into.

And thus, this blog was born. I’m starting my very first adventure into fantasy football, and I expect it to be a bumpy ride. I’m going to take it too seriously. I’m going to learn everything I can and try to put together a knockout team. I’m probably going to let loves and loyalties get in my way more than I mean to, and that’s probably going to hamper me. I’m probably going to make huge mistakes I can’t even forsee yet. I’m going to have huge successes and huge failures. And I’m going to have fun. This blog is a place to document all that, as well as a place for you, the random spectator, to enjoy my misadventures. Hopefully we’ll all learn how to be fantasy football experts along the way.

Welcome. I’m glad you’ve joined me. We’re going to have a good time.


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