Managing Imaginary Teams Since 2016

In 2016, I started out as a fantasy football owner for the very first time.  I got crazy lucky. This year, I’ll be out to prove that I can back that beginner’s luck up with all the skills I learned in the first go-around.

Or I’ll fall flat on my face.  Either way I’ll make it entertaining.


This Week’s Roster

Here’s where you’ll see what my roster looks like each week.  Stay tuned for the first update, after the draft on Sunday, August 27th!

This Week’s Standings

Here are the preseason standings for my league (with my team in bold):

East Division

Team PackersGirl
Batman Foo
Team Broncosgirl
Team Giants

West Division

Team BlueAndGold
THE NEW CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!
Smile$ Julio
Team G.O.A.T.
Duuuuuvaaaaaaal 904 DEEZ NUTS