Managing Imaginary Teams Since 2016

I’ve been a sports fan all my life, but I’ve never played fantasy football before.  This season, that’s about to change.  Join me as I fumble my way through this thing.  (If you chuckled at the fumble pun, then we’ll get along just fine.)

This Week’s Roster

Here’s my roster for Week Twelve:


Tom Brady, NE QB
Ezekiel Elliott, Dal RB
Melvin Gordon, SD RB
Julian Edelman, NE WR
Jamison Crowder, Wsh WR
Kyle Rudolph, Min TE
Frank Gore, Ind RB
Buffalo Bills, Defense/Special Teams
Kai Forbath, Min K


A.J. Green, Cin WR
Randall Cobb, GB WR
Paul Perkins, NYG RB
Cameron Brate, TB TE
Marcus Mariota, Ten QB
C.J. Fiedorowicz, Hou TE
Adam Thielen, Min WR

This Week’s Standings

Here are the standings for my league following Week Twelve (with my team in bold):

East Division

Team rosellini – 10-2
Team Broncosgirl – 6-6
Team FREEDOM – 5-7
Batman Foo – 4-8
Team GooDfoRyoU – 2-10

West Division

Team BlueAndGold – 9-3
KING OF TRADES (formerly !!!!! Dream killer!!!) – 8-4
There’s always next year (formerly Team Coleman) – 7-5
Smile$ Julio – 6-6
MackAttack FiveDeuce – 5-7
Simi Valley 12’s – 4-8

Note: Team BlueAndGold is locked into fantasy playoffs (which start Week Fourteen).